Bébé Vallée jeu pour fille bébé virtuel Bebés valle juego para nina gratis Baby Valley ist ein Spiel auf Internet für kleine Mädchen


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Samuel has gone off to school, CONGRATULATIONS!


Eliora has gone off to school, CONGRATULATIONS!


Tahlia has gone off to school, CONGRATULATIONS!


Forme : 96%

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21 month


Forme : 97%

Petit garçon

14 month

My notes

* I've stopped playing for a while so I won't answer messages, but you can still visit my babies and my photo album! ;) *



Hi! I'm sbelhaj and I'm French. I also play on the French and Spanish versions of Babyvalley. I love this game!


I'm the godmother of cute triplets Canterbury, Timber & Thompson, sweet little Holleder, his little sister Novalee, beautiful Maydee, sweet Jace, my darling Oliver, adorable Maverick, his little brother Nolan, princess Ella, cute boy Hélou, little boy Gavin, baby Aiden, newborn Elijah, beautiful Margo, cute little Charlie, my little honey Milo, adorable Zachary, precious girlie Tiya, tiny Jay, little prince Ishan, and my J baby (only one since the other 2 left for school): Joel!


My adorable godchildren at school: 

*Joseph*Kaylee*Charlie*Alycia* *Rhyker*Kyndall*Julie*Hayley*Ella* *Max*Anna*Levi*Madelyn*Joshua*



To see the family photo of my kids at school, click here. The photo was made with an avatar website, mail me for the link! ;)


Madisson is the aunt of all my babies. Thanks Alexa! :)


My kids (click on the link to see the baby at school):


Ridwane Malik:

godmother: bittybo



Selma Imen:

godmother: x-x-xlovex-x-x

boyfriend: Noah

best friend: Emma


Ryan Solal:

godmother: roxy2707


Mikhaïl Ahmed:

godmother: zoekeke

Mehdi Ilies:

godmother: Ollie
girlfriend: Angalina


Léna Suzanne:

godmother: dashia

Léa Madeleine:

godmother: dashia

Elisa Solange:

godmother: aylala

Michaela Joy:

godmom: xxxhannahxxx 

Emma Patricia:

godmom: AntiPrincess

Daniel Etienne:

godmom: lchloe


Tom Andrew:

godmom: snoopy150

Ethan Zachary:


Keira Shaina:


Kendra Sheila:

godmom: desiieboo100


Max Sebastian:




Valentin Jamie:

godmom: smile23 


Vivienne Rose:

godmom: smile23 


Aiden Joshua:

godmom: charliella


Maëlys Arden:


Maël Blake:

Oliver Liam:


Kristen Sophia:



Keith David:

godmom: ilona
girlfriend: Frida


Amanda Lily:

godmom: ottawa


Brian Cody:
godmom: boomdish


Bianca Charlyn:
godmom: boomdish


Charlie Reiss:
godmom: churripi7 


Darren Nathaniel:

godmom: Charlotte123 

Dahlia Naomi: 
godmom: Charlotte123
boyfriend: Joseph


Elaine Matilda:

godmom: churripi7


Florence Sienna:
godmom: ottawa

Gabriel Isaiah:

godmom: churripi7

Grace Isabella:

godmom: churripi7


Hunter William:

godmom: TulipRose

girlfriend: Alice


Indigo Eli:

godmom: ottawa

girlfriend: Emily


Izumi Eve:

godmom: ottawa


Jade Ophelia (look at the cute goodbye card TulipRose has made!) :

godmom: selana


Kendall James:

godmom: TulipRose


Logan Ace:

godmom: Ailia

girlfriend: Allesha

best friend: Rowan


Lauren Althea:

godmom: Ailia

boyfriend: Charlie


Matthew Hudson:

godmom: Miss-Romy


Nicholas Denver:

godmom: charliella 

girlfriend: Rebecca


Natasha Daisy:

godmom: charliella

best friend: Brileigh


Owen Thomas:

godmom: theis127



Pauline Victoria:

godmom: selana


Qiana Fleur:

godmom: Steph

best friend: Dannica


Ryder Xavian:

godmom: boomdish

girlfriend: Nathalie


Shalia Pearl:

godmom: TulipRose

best friend: Ashlyn


Tina Giselle:

godmom: aylala

boyfriend: McKenzie

best friend: Alexia


Toan Gavin:

godmom: aylala


Toby Gareth:

godmother: aylala

best friend: Jaxon


Ugo Zevi:

godmother: Steph

girlfriend: Eloise 

best friend: Tyler


Vincent Yaël:

godmother: selana


Willow Skye:


boyfirnd: Olly


Wendy Savannah:

godmother: TulipRose

best friend: Kiri
boyfriend: Oliver


Xia Brielle:

godmother: Ailia

best friend: Amelia

Yohan Usher:

godmother: ottawa

best friend: Seth

girlfriend: Adeline


Yanis Urban:

godmother: ottawa

best friends: Gavin & Walter

girlfriend: Brianna


Zaira Kaelyn (thanks for the pretty name Melissa! <3) :

godmother: TulipRose

best friend: Daisy


Evan Harley Carter:

godmom: charliella

girlfriend: Pippa

best friend: Jasper


Madeline Flora Summer:

godmom: Steph


Lydia May Jessica:

godmom: Steph

best friend: Heidi


Kaitlyn Anya Madison:

godmom: charliella


Eileen Celia Kelly:

godmother: boomdish


Levi Christopher Stewart:

godmother: TulipRose


Keziah Jasmine Auburn:

godmother: Steph


Mia Shanti Katherine:

godmother: -Trust-


Samuel Camden Grant:

godmother: charliella


Ray Patrick Anthony:

godmother: boomdish


Kieran Joseph Harris:



Lewis Benjamin River:



Alexander Declan Caleb:

godmother: Babylover1996





My children's godfather is hotguy5.


If you're interested in being part of our family, just send me a message! Bye!





Bébé Vallée jeu pour fille bébé virtuel Bebés valle juego para nina gratis Baby Valley game for girl free Baby Valley ist ein Spiel auf Internet für kleine Mädchen