Bébé Vallée jeu pour fille bébé virtuel Bebés valle juego para nina gratis Baby Valley ist ein Spiel auf Internet für kleine Mädchen

Game rules
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this game ? What is its purpose ?
This is a management game where you raise babies until they're 3 years old.


Is the time that passes in the game the same as time in real life ?
Of course not, that would be way too long. For your baby's age: 1 day in real life corresponds to 1 week in the game. So for 3 actual days your baby is 21 days old in the game.

In return for everything else (food consumption, diapers, wages), 1 day in real life = 1 day in the game.

I had a bad start, can I start again ?
Yes, there is a special option for that, there's no need to leave and re-register. Simply click on «restart my game» on the bottom left of the screen.

Well, I have a baby... but it is expensive !!! How do I get money ?
To earn money, there are 3 possibilities. By working, money comes in regularly and on that same day. From the allowance from the storks. Or by, using the link "Purchase Baby bucks".

How can the overall form of my baby's go up?
Your baby must be properly fed according to the requirements described in the bookstore. To keep your baby clean and cared for he/she must be properly washed and changed. In order to sleep well, he/she must have a bed suitable for his/her size, that is of good quality. To keep your baby happy, take him/her for a walk in the park in the stroller and make sure that his/her clothes fit and that they're of good quality.


I did everything you said and I'm still not at 100%
Yes, it's difficult to get to 100%, if you are between 95 and 98%, be happy, that's a difficult point to get to;) In fact, if even for a short time, you had a low percentage, you'll have little time to go back up.


What's the maximum number of babies I can have ?
You can have up to 18 babies simultaneously.


How do I put my baby in school ?
Your baby will automatically be in school until age 3, sometimes a little longer...There's nothing you have to do.


I can't keep my baby after age 3 ?
At 3 years old your baby has become a child and is no longer an infant, there's no place for him/her in Baby Valley. So your child leaves to go to school and does not live with you anymore.


Why are some things in French ?

The game was created in France and when exported to UK and US, some things were forgotten.

If you don't understand something, don't hesitate to go to the Help Board : some of the moderators speak French and will happily translate for you.


Why don't the Storks' babies age ?

The Storks' babies are special. They are here to show the Makeover clothes. You may think of them as plastic dummies.


I have more questions. Where can I find answers ?

You may send a message to the Storks, the moderators or, even better, go to the Help Board. The Help Board is interesting as some players may have the same problem than you. However, read first the messages already published (look at the titles).



Bébé Vallée jeu pour fille bébé virtuel Bebés valle juego para nina gratis Baby Valley game for girl free Baby Valley ist ein Spiel auf Internet für kleine Mädchen